Spanish (TK-1st) 1:30 - 2:20

Instructor: Maria de Colombia

Room: 114

Course Fee: $170

Spanish, is a learning journey for kids and customized to fit the needs of the students and parents. It's an opportunity to engage kids in learning about the Spanish language, including the cultures of the countries where Spanish is spoken. Using best practices from a variety of second-language teaching strategies, we provide a foundation of basic Spanish phrases and vocabulary. Through movement, Total Physical Response, song, music, art, and reading and listening activities, our students learn the very basics of speaking, and love the Spanish language. The biggest goal of our program is to expose our students to the language in an engaging, play- and project-based environment.

About the Instructor:

Maria de Colombia

Maria grew up in a multi-lingual and multi-cultural family, where education and languages were and continue to be core values. She was raised between Cali, Colombia, Connecticut and California, and has enjoyed the different cultures and environments those places have offered. Maria has been a bilingual yoga teacher for 37 years, and feels most engaged and happy when interacting with students of all ages. She has also been a lawyer, physician and court interpreter, and is always excited to keep on learning. Maria is a curious, creative, communicative and caring teacher, and is excited to continue practicing her lifelong passion for teaching with Classroom Matters. She enjoys being in nature and around animals, loves to sing and dance (especially Afro Cuban folkloric dance), and is always ready to help others.