Cooking Round the World (TK-5th) 1:30 - 3:00

Instructor: Cooking Round the World

Room: SL (106)

Course Fee: $300

Cooking Round the World gives boys and girls the opportunity to learn about countries around the world by cooking and eating! Children learn cooking skills while experiencing a country’s culinary flavors. Dishes include creamy Italian pesto, Israeli potato, carrot and zucchini latkes, Mexican tortilla soup and Canadian butternut squash and maple mac and cheese. Cooking Round the World is a nut-free program.

Note: This class meets in the staff lounge since it has an oven. This class runs for 90 minutes.

About the Instructor:

Cooking Round the World

Cooking Round the World Director, Mindy Myers has been in the field of education for more than 20 years, teaching, writing curriculum design, and serving as a principal. She loves working with kids and they love working with her.

When she offered up explanations about a food's origins and the customs behind preparing the food, she watched the children's engagement grow.

"Cooking and eating takes on a different meaning when you understand the back story," said Mindy. "Learning a little bit about a country, then preparing that country's food truly enriches the cooking lesson, and makes the eating experience that much more delicious!"