Math Games (TK/K) 1:30 - 2:20

Instructor: Henri Ducharme

Room: 11

Course Fee: $210

“We don’t do any math,” reports one Kindergartener. “All we do is play games the whole time.” But they do do math, and lots of it. These games the children play are the quintessence of math, they are what you wished you had learned in Kindergarten.

In addition, the math is wrapped up inside Grimm’s fairy tales turned into challenges: how to escape from trolls chasing you, how to count the stars, how to tell if the Wolf is lying. Children frequently ask at the beginning of each class, “What is our challenge this week?” That’s the spirit! The instructor keeps a small portfolio – some of their drawings or photographs of their work – to give to parents at the end, along with an explanation of some of the thinking going on inside their not-so- small minds.

The curriculum used I have invented and refined over ten years’ teaching. It combines weekly telling of Grimm’s Fairy Tales with math activities that arise from these tales. The past few years, I have added drama, acting out the stories, and verbal games. The curriculum goes far beyond the usual Kindergarten math to embrace topics which other specialists would recognize as higher mathematics (even if the students don’t): for example, rudimentary networks, sets, number theory, and negation.

About the Instructor:

Henri Ducharme

Henri Ducharme has taught after-school classes at Malcolm X for ten years and prior to that taught in Waldorf elementary schools. He studied Mathematics at Oberlin College.