Skateboarding (2nd-5th) 1:30 - 2:30

Instructor: FunnyMan Entertainment

Room: Amphitheater

Course Fee: $170

One of the most popular subculture sports is skateboarding. Only in the last 5-10 years has it been recognized as a serious sport and industry. Skate parks have been popping up all over the country, in California and now even in urban cities like Berkeley, Oakland and Richmond. Now we have access to skateboard parks but there is one problem… Where are the coaches, mentors and big brothers to help teach and guide newcomers in the sport?  FME Culture now brings a safe, guided introduction to the sport directly to our school. We provide skateboards and helmets. The instructor is experienced in both the art of skateboarding as well as teaching in a safe, supportive, positive environment. 

About the Instructor:

FunnyMan Entertainment

Tion Torrence / creator of FunnyMan Entertainment: Tion Torrence was born and raised in Oakland and Berkeley. At the age of 11 he fell in love with skateboarding. Not having any parks, Tion and his friends skated whatever they could around town: school yard stairs, handrails, park benches, etc. When there was nothing to be found, they built their own ramps. From the age 13 to19 Tion was a sponsored amateur and competed in skateboard events throughout California. Age 35 now, Tion has been skating for 23 years! Tion now works with some of the most prominent skateboard companies, organizing events, contests and demos where he personally skates with the kids. He has been a counselor at skate camps, done private lessons and has helped encourage skaters from ages 2 (his daughter) to 50. He truly loves skateboarding and is dedicated to sharing what he’s learned with the next generations of skateboarders.

A sample video of Tion’s skateboarding :